Cool canopies for campers and caravans


Choice of fabrics available today:
As a guide only - please email us if you would like a sample of the fabric you're interested in.

Choices of trim:
white bullion
cream pompom
marigold pompom
orange pompom
skyblue pompom
red pompom
white pompom
blue pompom
yellow pompom

Our beautifully well made canopies have been designed to be tough and durable. Each detail has been carefully thought out so you can enjoy years of use from it. The fabrics are fully water resistant and reinforced at the stress points to reduce the risk of rips. The poles are strong and galvanised to resist corrosion. The guy rope tensioners are easy to adjust and non-slip!

Attaching to your van...

Any van which has a gutter may accept the PVC gutter profile coupling although it has been designed specifically for the VW T2 'Splittie' and 'Bay'. But if you have any doubt please call us.
For those without a gutter, an aluminium rail is available to fix to the roof which will accept the piped tape along the edge of the canopy.

PVC gutter strip...

Our soft PVC profile fits very snug onto the gutter without risk of scratching, squeaking or lifting off with the breeze.

Designed for VW T2 Splitties & Bays but may fit other type of vehicles.

Piped edge strip...

If you prefer to use a 'figure of eight' to couple onto the gutter, or if you intend to use a rail then you may wish to choose a canopy fitted with a piped edge strip. Suits VW T2, VW T25, VW T4, VW T5, Citroen HY vans and caravans.


The poles supplied are in three sections with spring joints for quick assembly. They're made from galvanised steel and are adjustable.


Guy rope tensioner by...

Our canopies are supplied with cleats that lock lines securely and is easy to release. They will not slip!

Clamcleat® rope cleats


Side panel...

Add to your canopy to provide a useful wind break. Very handy when you don't want the gas to blow out when sizzling your sausage! Can be fitted either side with a simple velcro and toggle fixing.

The side panel for the 'Classic' canopy is supplied with a galvanised adjustable steel pole. The side panel for the 'Dome'does not require a pole.

What's in the bag?

  'Classic'   'Dome'
1 x beautiful canopy 1 x beautiful canopy
3 x galvanised adjustable steel poles 2 x galvanised adjustable steel poles
3 x guy ropes with non-slip tensioners 2 x fibreglass poles
6 x pegs 2 x guy ropes with non-slip tensioners
1 x peg bag 4 x pegs
1 x robust holdall 1 x peg bag
    1 x robust holdall